Hello lovelies! As you can see these boots up above, Gorgeous right! Well riding boots are my obsession, and I fell in love with these boots a while ago. Now In the fall and the winter riding boots are my GO TO BOOTS! I seriously wear them every day and they go with every outfit that I want to wear, they’re just gorgeous!! So I had this one pair of boots from target like two years ago, and have worn them every single day, they are like my comfort shoes, but after two years they have kind of been worn out, and the buckle started breaking on them, so I just gave in and decided I’m going to by a nice pair of boots that will last a really long time, and these were the ones that I decided on. These boots are from Nordstrom, and they are the brand Vince Camuto. The boots are normally $228 but they were on sale for… DRUMROLL………… $132!!! I couldn’t just not buy them. and even though that’s still expensive It’s totally worth it, because I know how much I will wear them, and they will last a longgggg time!:) 
P.S.  Happy 2014!! there will be lots more to come this year, I’m going to be posting pictures real soon of how to style these boots, and other things, stay tuned:)

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