Outfit Of The Day❤️

This was a very Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars inspired outfit. I went to Aeropostale yesterday and saw their new collection, seeing as my name is Hanna, both of the items said Hanna on them, I had to get them, it was calling my name. Both of these items are made extremely well, and I’m thoroughly impressed! The top is so well structured, with the cutouts and the beautiful floral pattern. The skirt is a bright purple plum color and I LOVE it. My sunglasses are Prada, and before you go OMG… I got them at the sunglasses hut at an outlet mall for 50% off for a price of $122! WHAT! beautiful and I had to get them! I am also wearing a set of 220 grams of Luxy hair in the ombré chestnut color, although it doesn’t look ombré, my hair unfortunate blends in with the bottom… Lol but that’s okay! Hope you like the post! Be back soon with another! 

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