Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lip Palette

I popped into Sephora the other day, telling myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything and on me way out the Bite Beauty counter caught my eye. I was going to just get one lipgloss until I saw this, there were only two left, and I just couldn’t say no… This is a limited edition product and was already sold out online, so I snatched it up. I’m beginning to fall more and more in love with Bite products, they smell wonderful, they taste like fruit and their colour pigmentation is amazing. As you can see I swatched the lip glosses in the order they were in the box. I don’t think any of these colours will go to waste as that can seem to happen with products like this because sometimes there’s just colours that one would typically not wear, but these ones a perfect. Plus, they just stay on your lips they may fade a tad but they have got great lasting power. So, if you can find this product in your Sephora I would grab it right away!

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