MAC Lipstick Collection

 In honour of this post, I thought I would finally let you guys know…(DRUMROLL)
you guys I’m so excited I start in October, and I really just can’t wait. When I first started getting into makeup, MAC was the first makeup company that I tried, I bought lip glosses like no other.. Then my obsession grew to this. I have I think 32 MAC lipsticks, But honestly they are the best, the ultimate best. They have any colour you could possibly want. It’s actually really crazy when you go through your lipsticks, I didn’t realize the ones I had that I hadn’t used in a while, but of course I do have my favourites and I’m here to show you all 32 of them today. They’re all faves, even if I don’t use them everyday. 
 First up, We have the NUDES! I have an odd variety of them, I don’t think any of them are quite like each other. In order from left to right, we have… Please me, Creme Cup, Hue, Kinda Sexy, Shy girl, Myth, Woodrose, Blankety, and Faux. 
 My favorites from the nudes, would be Woodrose from the Proenza Schouler collection and Myth. 
 Oooohh, Next up we have PINKS! Which I didn’t think I had this many pinks as I don’t typically wear pinks all the time, But from left to right we have, Snob, Angel, Hot gossip, Syrup, Twig, Lame, Pink Nouveau, Insanely It, Impassioned(Two of) and Girl About Town. 
 My favourites from the Pinks would be.. Since I have two of it, Impassioned, Syrup and Girl About Town. Syrup is such a nice your lips but better colour, it really just enhances your more neutral look, or even wearing it with a brown smokey-ish eye!
 My FAVORITES! The Reds. We have again from left to right, All Fired Up, MAC Red, Ruby Woo, True Loves Kiss(Maleficent), Hang Up and Diva. I wear Red lipstick more than anything else and especially come fall like every other day! WOOT WOOT!
 Recently I have been LOVING Diva. Now I didn’t think I would go for a colour like this but I have been loving the darker reds, It’s not as dark as you think it may be, but it just looks really flattering on the lips. OH and also It makes your teeth look really white. Honestly it’s like the perfect Red, Burgundy shade! 
 Lastly we have the corals. Now as you can see I don’t have many corals. That is because they have to be just right for me, because I really don’t like wearing orange lipstick. It has to be pinky coral, which on the lips these are! We have Costa Chic, Lip Blossum and Crosswires. 
My have would be Lip Blossum, It’s jus such a pretty somewhat sparkly colour on the lips. I would say for coral-ish shades it’s your lips but better! My mom loves wearing cross wires, but only when she’s wearing a coral dress. Haha. 

I hope you all enjoy this, as I did sorting through them. It gave me quite a perspective of how many I actually have! But it’s not stopping me from getting more. Oopss. I can’t wait to share this journey coming soon with you all, working at MAC will be a dream! 
Much Love!
Xoxo ❤ 

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