Tale As Old As Time

Hello lovelies.. This is a quite different post than what I normally post as you probably can see. So recently one of my friends that also works at MAC with me she started her own business called Bibbidi Bobbidi Birthdays and we have all of the Disney princesses and parents book us to come to their kids’ birthday parties. It really is quite wonderful, the kids are just so ecstatic when we show up, especially right now for Elsa and Anna whom I also play (Anna) It’s honestly been such a great experience, from meeting all kinds of great people and kids, to seeing their bright shining faces so happy before we have to leave.
When we go to the parties depending on the package we interact with the kids, normally they will have TONS of questions for us which is so awesome! Then we usually sing a few songs, from Frozen we usually sing, of course Let It Go, and Do you Wanna Build A Snowman, then we play games with them which they just love! In different packages we also paint the kids’ faces and decorate crowns, and of course take pictures with everyone!
Now, In the pictures you’re seeing above I have transformed into Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney Princess and I was so over joyed that I can be her! This dress you guys… let me just tell you, it’s just sooooo amazingly gorgeous! It was so so so well made and the detail and time that went into making it.. OH it is just perfect! Probably my new favourite dress to wear.. of all time!
Anywho, This December we are doing a Winter Ball Event where we are going to have ALL the princesses there including some very special fairies! It’s so exciting, we’ve been practicing princess dances and we’re gonna have beautiful decorations everywhere. Each princess and fairy will have their own table and centrepiece, which is gonna be so great! There will be games, skits and songs, OH and there will be a candy bar… which can you imagine how beautiful it’s going to look!! I will definitely be posting pictures of everything after the event, so far we have over 200 people that bought tickets! WOW!
Well I just wanted to share this with you all because it’s something different from the usual, and It’s very fun I also thought you guys would enjoy these posts because I mean who doesn’t LOVE Disney… I mean I still watch Disney Channel.. I hope I’m not alone here… but hey kid at heart right! Haha
Also sorry for the iPhone pictures my camera was dead when we were ready to take these! lol
Love you guys!

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