MAC Rose And Pink Pigment Set

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME! So, if you guys don’t already know MAC came out with a holiday collection which is absolutely gorgeous, and such good deals! Every set from the collection is perfect but this is my particular fave! 
This is the Rose and Pink pigment set, and it costed $35, which is awesome because normally one pigment is like $20! These little ones will last you sooooo long as well, so you’re getting an amazing deal! As you can see I used all these on my eyes today! LOVING IT! 
Also our christmas decor looks so festive this year, I thought sharing these with you guys would give you some ideas! We haven’t gotten our tree yet, but I’ll for sure post a picture when I get it!:) 
The colours you get in the set are Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches, Heritage Rouge! GORGEOUS!!!! 

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