Plaid and Khaki

I’m so terribly sorry it’s been so long! December was a crazy busy month for me and as much as I tried to blog it just didn’t work out, not to mention the weather here in Washington has been complete crap! I usually love gray rainy days but I am just absolutely sick of them! I am in some great need for sunshine.. Moving on to my outfit for another gray day…
I was very inspired by British blogger Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella. I noticed her wearing plaid scarves a lot lately and of course her disco pants as always so It gave me some inspiration for my outfit today. LOVE HER! Go check out her blog and her youtube channels they are absolutely AMAZING!
I am wearing my new favourite jacket that I recently got from which is an amazing website And I can’t believe I hadn’t found them sooner! This website has all kinds of designer brands, but they are discounted, it’s really quite great! The brand of this jacket is BCBG and it is made so well I purchased it for just $122 I also used a discount code (GET15OFF) It came with a detachable hood, but I took it off for today, I just love all the gold details on this jacket super cute, since I love wearing gold jewellery as well!
This scarf has been another one of my staple things this winter season, I got it from Target, but I’m not quite sure if they have it or not still! It’s so warm and cozy and I love that it’s plaid cause it really just dresses up an outfit from blah on this gray day to OOOHH!
As for my pants which I wear ALL the time, they are my faveeee! They are the black disco pants from American Apparel, They are High Waisted and super comfy!!!
My boots are from Nordstrom BP. These are the comfiest booties ever!! The heel is quite taller too, but I could wear these all day walking in the city and my feet would be totally fine! Thank you Nordstrom 🙂
As per usual My purse that I wear all the time is from Marc Jacobs, But I bought mine new from Ebay. Wayyy cheaper!!:)
I’ll be back very soon with a winter transitioning to spring lookbook!:) Love you guys and hope you enjoyed the outfit today!!

JACKET: Bluefly
PANTS: American Apparel
BOOTS: Nordstrom
SCARF: Target
BAG: Ebay

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