Red, White and Fringe

Hello lovelies! It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here in Washington and I’m loving it!! 
I’ve never really been one to wear white pants as I haven’t found the right pair that fit me the way I wanted them to, until I found these that American Eagle just came out with… They are AMAZING!!! 
They are called the new Denim X jeans in white, I wear a 00 If any of you are curious, I know I always am because I never know what size to get in my jeans just because I feel like every brand fits a little differently. You can be one size in one brand and a different in another! It’s so weird to me.. But definitely good to know! 
My Jacket is from this great clothing line called Etcetera which has amazing quality clothing and really awesome statement pieces which you will have in your wardrobe forever!! I love it, it’s the perfect lightweight jacket for a spring day! 
My Shoes are from American Eagle a couple years ago but they have really great booties online right now! I’m not sure if they carry them in stores or not I always find mine online! They’re super comfy too!!
And lastly my purse is from Nordstrom! I love this Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Percy’ cross body, it’s perfect when you don’t need to carry too much and you’re just out for the afternoon, or even an evening out! Love it for Spring too, since it’s the grey color it’s really great for all year round! 
P.s. If you’re curious as to what I get at Starbucks since I go there everyday.. I get a Grande Skinny Caramel Mochiatto 🙂 Gotta have it everyday!! 

You have to buy from a representative but you can find some of their clothes on Ebay!:) 

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