A Dressy A-fair

So as many of you already know… I LOVE hats, which is why you are here reading The Girl Under The Hat.. Haha This outfit today I kinda did for a dressy evening, if you maybe have a wedding to go to, or an event of some sort! I love to dress up but in the town that I live in… which is very small, there’s not a lot to do to dress up for! I love rompers, they’re so versatile and you can dress them up and dress them down for casual wear. This specific romper is from Target! Which is crazy, it definitely looks like something you could find at Nordstrom and it was only $29! These shoes I AM IN LOVE WITH. They are from Nordstrom and they are Vince Camuto, super comfortable and they go with everything, even jeans! 
As for my hats, the black hat was my very first ever hat purchase, which started it all. This hat is also from Target and it reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear. It also shades your face from the sun a TON, which is what all of you should be doing! My second hat is from Abercombie and this is like my go to hat, it goes with everything, and it makes any outfit super chic and fab looking, I love it! 
My first lip color is YSL #32 lipstick and my second one is MAC Viva Glam III.. LOVE! 
ROMPER: Target (Similar)
SHOES: Nordstrom (Similar) 
HAT: Target (Similar) 
OTHER HAT: Abercrombie 

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