American Eagle Everything

Finally a day here where it wasn’t like 104 degrees, which made me happy because I’m getting quite tired of summer clothes haha! I live for fall clothes and sweaters and jackets and boots, so I’m slowly transitioning, Although it’s suppose to get super hot again soon! Anyways for this outfit It is all American Eagle except the shoes and purse! I’ve been loving American Eagle lately so much. It is the only store in my town that has cute clothes that I like, CRAZY RIGHT??!! But I don’t mind I love their clothes and they’re amazing quality. Their jeans are the ONLY jeans besides Nordstrom that actually fit me and are comfortable. Their new jeans, the Denim X are literally amazing, so comfy but so nice looking! Oh, and of course I’m wearing one of my favorite hats that i’ve bought from there, love the feathers on the back! 
These shoes from Target are literally everything right now, they’re so in style and these are super cute and comfy, not to mention not crazy expensive! They also go with everything in my wardrobe because I love brown, so I always have brown purses and pairing them with matching shoes is my fave:) 
As for my purse, which I know, I know is super expensive… I actually bought mine a year ago on Ebay, brand new with tags… and it was way cheaper. I love Marc Jacobs purses, they’re amazing and the leather is probably my favorite leather in a purse. It has that slouchy vibe which I love, because I find structured purses although I do love them all aren’t really that practical in my everyday life. MARC BY MARC All the way! 
PS My hat and tank top are on sale right now…;) 
JACKET: American Eagle (Similar)
SHOES: Target Ps These were on sale in the store when I bought them!
PURSE: Nordstrom Or Search on Ebay 

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