Leather and Studs

Hello everybody, I just got back from a trip to Seattle yesterday and of course I had to do some shopping while over there. I’ll make a whole other post about why I went over. Mainly I went to Nordstrom and Abercrombie…. I did some damage that’s for sure! haha 
I bought the skirt, shoes and jacket that I am wearing in this post. The skirt I fell in love with immediately at Topshop inside Nordstrom. It is literally so comfy and perfect for any occasion. Then I bought these shoes that I absolutely fell in love with the second I tried them on. I’ve been eyeing them for quite a while online, well the flat version, which they didn’t have in my size, but then I tried these on and had to have them of course, I want to buy the Nude/blush ones as well, they’re not too high of a heel and they’re super comfy… I can also wear them to work… Logical thinking right?! 
Then the jacket which I had tried on a few weeks ago at Abercrombie, and fell in love with as well, so I bought it this time around, such a great staple piece that’s for sure and it wasn’t too crazy expensive. 
This look can be casual or you can wear it out for an evening on the town or wherever your little heart desires. 🙂 

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