Fall Is Coming

When the weather starts getting even a little chilly here I bust out the leather jacket and booties, I just can’t wait. Fall clothes are my FAVORITE and lately I’ve actually been shopping at Abercrombie a lot, they’ve had some really great stuff, Including this Jacket and jeans! 
I fell in love with this jacket a few weeks ago when I tried it on and just HAD to get it, it is literally the perfect leather jacket! These jeans too are high waisted with buttons instead of a zipper and I got them on sale when they do the $39 jeans, they were originally $88! They are very nice jeans and they’re black so I can wear them to work:) 
Now these booties, they are the Sam Edelman Louie bootie and I happen to found them at TJ Maxx, I was like wow I need these right now, they’re never on sale!!! I got them for $79 they are normally $140!!! Been in love with them ever since and you can wear them two ways rolled down or how i’m wearing them! 
I hope you enjoyed this is a pretty casual outfit for me, but we were battling the rain while taking pics! haha 

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