Leather and Olive

In today’s post I have been loving the olive green trend and especially with this military inspired dress from American Eagle. It fits into my fall wardrobe perfectly and I’m going to be wearing it a ton. I’m showing you a few different ways you could wear it and you could really dress it up if you’d like or dress it down for a more casual look like I did with the denim vest, LOVE! As you can tell I’ve been loving leather, with both this vest and jacket. This vest I’m in love with I actually found it in the back of my moms closet, she hasn’t worn it for YEARS! I was like OMG MINE! haha Anyways it’s from Nordstrom years and years ago the brand is BB Dakota, Super comfy, has lasted for years and literally still looks brand new. HECK YES Nordstrom! My leather jacket that I’ve been loving from Abercrombie is literally my STAPLE piece for fall and winter. I think everyone needs a good leather jacket and everyone has their own fit that they like in leather, some might like it a little oversized and I like min pretty fitted like this one.. You can also kind of mold it to your body.. I know that sounds weird but there are wires in the collar and around the zipper so you can bend it and form it! 
Lastly, My boots that I have also not worn in years, I got them for Christmas years ago when over the knee boots weren’t in style and these were very hard to wear around my town, NOW I can wear them wherever I want to, I’ve learned that if its your style WEAR IT whenever you want, not just because it’s in trend or not. If you like it wear it and you’ll be happy you did! Ps They’re super comfy too!

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