The Skirt To Die For

Hey guys, I come to you today to show you this wonderfully amazing skirt that I found shopping online at Abercrombie. I was super stoked to get it in the mail because I was just picturing all the different ways I’m going to wear it, I’m showing you one today! Since I have so much black in my closet(Working at MAC) haha I thought I’d make more use of it when I’m not working as well. I am wearing for a shirt a cropped top from Kohls actually the brand is Elle! I think cropped tops with these type of skirts really suit them well and flatter your body, crop tops are a huge topic for me because I see so much of the crop tops with low rise jeans in the city I live in.. and it just could be worn so much more tastefully and classy. I really hope I’m not the only one who thinks like this haha but it’s so true!!!! Anyways I paired it with my leather vest and some black booties which I LOVE and are so comfy especially comfy for those long days. 

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