The Best Pants Ever!

So I’ve been shopping in American Eagle a TON lately, and I’ve been looking for the perfect jeans/pants that fit me how I want. I find that very hard to be honest, I’m quite short and for the longest time I’ve been wearing 00 Regular for the longest time.. And obviously It’s different with every brand I have come to realize. I tried on 00 Short pants the other day and they fit me so much better. These are actually 00 regular but in every style it’s totally different… so I can definitely say that I’ve found my Perfect Fit finally and I’m so happy about it and super stoked to wear jeans that fit me and that I feel great in. 
I definitely encourage you to go in and try them on because for the longest time I hated trying things on in the store… I don’t even know why, but I did! Any who 
I’ve been loving wearing these green pants like all the time and I paired it with a neutral sweater that also has zippers down the sides.. Super cute and cozy! I added a hat of course to match my jeans which I love! 
I bought this necklace at ILY Couture online… LOVE HER STUFF! I’ve been wanting a necklace like this for a while. One thing I love about it, is that it is super shiny which I really like with gold jewelry 🙂 
xoxo ❤ 

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