Express All The Way

In today’s post I’m featuring all things from Express! I recently placed an order on their website.. and this is also the first time wearing Express jeans.. Easily enough to say I fell in love. They literally are the most comfy jeans I have ever owned and they are soon flattering! Definitely worth the money! I also paired them with this black flow sweater again one of the comfiest and softest sweaters, I believe it has a hint of cashmere in it as well! Then these booties are to die for, literally! The gold zippers on the side sold me, I’m a sucker for anything brown and gold… as you can tell with my jewelry and purses! haha 
Any who I’m in love with Express and I’m going to order more and there’s nothing else to say.. Haha If only we had one in my town, ooh but then all of my paychecks would go there! D: (Shopaholic much??) 
Thank you guys so much for reading, 
Have a wonderful week!

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