White and Plaid

So today I’m wearing something a lil’ different for fall and I’m loving it, I’ve never done the whole white pants in fall thing and with these boots I’m in love! Plus these white pants are some of the comfiest pants I’ve ever owned and they’re the Denim X from American Eagle! THEN these boots which I have already talked about are literally the perfect dupe for the Stuart Weitzman lowland boots. When I was looking for these… I was obviously NOT going to spend that much on boots right now so I looked high and low, because one thing I was looking for was that the boots have to stay up and not slouch down… because that’s what the lowland ones do they just stay up, kinda like a sock, ya know what I mean?? These have laces up the back which makes it soo easy to adjust them and they just stay put all day. I’ve also gone the measures to test if they are comfy and THEY ARE! I’ve been wearing them every day to work(5 or 6 hours) and they are really comfy! So Ya’ll better go grab them while you can! 

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