Christmas Tree Hunt

Hello everyone, Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been super busy with work and just haven’t even had time to take any photos as much as I wanted to! Today we went looking for a Christmas Tree and I feel so festive I love it! I kind of miss being able to wear colored clothes, haha I forget about all the clothes that aren’t black in my wardrobe! Anyways I’m wearing this super comfy dress from American Eagle that I also got in two other colors! I paired it with a super soft comfy scarf from Pac Sun and a leather jacket from Abercrombie! Since this dress is a sweater dress it does keep you pretty warm, but I did wear tights with it. THEN These amazing boots I purchased from Nordstrom Rack, Are one of the most beautiful pair of boots I’ve ever bought and got on sale! They are Vince Camuto.. one of my favorite brand of shoes, they’re so comfy and made extremely well, you won’t be disappointed! Also, this chocolate color is gorgeous, I don’t have any other shoes this color! 

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