Cozy Sweaters

Hello lovelies!!! I have been living for big comfy sweaters this holiday season, These are two of my absolute FAVES! The green one I got from American Eagle and literally since the moment I tried it on, I’ve been almost wearing it every day since! Haha It also comes in grey… which I want to go back and get too!!! Soooooo comfy and warm! The second sweater is from Target and I’ve been loving these cape like blanket sweaters, especially the fur detailing around the collar, Love it! Although it probably wasn’t warm enough to wear it this day… It was actually quite freezing and it was getting dark! It’s been super hard taking pictures lately since it gets dark earlier! 
I know what you all are probably thinking.. “OMG She’s WEARING STUART WEITZMAN’S IN THE SNOW!!!!” Nope… I wish I actually found another amazing dupe for them from I think they look pretty identical, the only problem I have with them is that the tie to keep them up kind of makes the top bunch up and slip down.. so I want to get it replaced but I don’t know how they would fix that..? Let me know if you all have any ideas!! I think I’m just going to have to save up my pennies and buy the real deal.. because these just make me want them that much more!!! 
Holiday looks are on the way!!! Stay tuned!!! 

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