My Favorite Pants

                   TOP: NORDSTROM PANTS:ABERCROMBIE SHOES: NORDSTROM HAT: NORDSTROM  (Similar) PURSE: KATE SPADE                              


Hello Lovelies, I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday so far! It had been such beautiful weather finally where I live and I’m loving diving into all my spring outfits! This one is one of my faves specifically because the pants are my favorite pants of all time, and when I bought them at Abercrombie they were on sale for $9.99 and they don’t sell them anymore! How sad!!! I wish they would bring they back because they were the perfect combination of Legging/pants, they were kind of like J.Crew’s Pixi Pants! IN LOVE! Any who, these shoes are super comfy too, i’m so glad I purchased them, they didn’t even need to be broken it, they’re perfect!! You can get them from Nordstrom or Shopbop! I tried as  hard as I could to find a similar pair of pants, J. Crew would be the only ones, but I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and ya’ll need to tell Abercrombie to bring these pants back!!! Let me know what other outfits you guys would like to see me wear!!:)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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