Country Vibes

JEANS: Topshop BELT: Express (Similar)  TANK: Victoria’s Secret PLAID: American Eagle SHOES: Target 
Very casual here today on the blog, it’s getting so hot here where I live, but it was a bit more gloomy today and I’m not quite ready to bust out the shorts just yet! But guys I’m so in love with this belt and I know EVERYONE and their mom has one… either THE one from Below The Belt or different ones, and I’m just obsessed!! This one was very reasonably priced and super amazing quality! You’ll be seeing it a ton!! I also love these tanks from VS, Bought them in all the colors, the high neck… I think is just so flattering. I had the day off today so didn’t do too much, on my days off I like to do my blogging stuff and get all my photos done.. But I also like to watch a lot of Harry Potter too, and since today was a little gloomy I did just that! Some days it’s great to just chill! Otherwise I’ve been working at MAC and I just recently got casted in The Little Mermaid, which is going to be so fun and  rehearsals have already started, It’s going to be such a great show! I’ll be posting about that here too with some fun cast photos:)
Side note as I was typing this blog post I was searching for the belt and they have taken it of of Expresses website.. D: So I found similar ones from Nordstrom that aren’t ridiculously expensive. 

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