Stripes and Buckles

ROMPER: Urban Outfitters SHOES: Asos 
Hey guys, today I come to you with a super quick and easy put together outfit that is under $200… WHICH IS AWESOME! I can’t tell you how obsessed with these booties I am, literally so obsessed! They are super comfy and only $100… to me they look like those over $500 booties which are gorgeous as well… but lets face it that’s not in the budget here! haha These are perf!! They also have them in brown! 
I’m going to be honest I was not sure about this romper when I got it in the mail, it looked super cute online then When I got it I was like Hmm I dunno, But decided to keep it and I’m actually very glad that I did because after wearing it I’m in love with it and the shoulders are super comfy as you think they might not be.. because off the shoulder things sometimes are annoying! This is worth it, but something you should know about Urban Outfitters is that they do run very small and I’m a small person. I haven’t shopped there in years and decided to as I saw this, but just beware of the sizing. Have a wonderful weekend everyone:) 

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