BOGO 50% off at American Eagle

DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Dolce Vita JACKET: Express
Today I’m bringing you the perfect dress for summertime, literally perfect for any occasion and it comes in two colors!!! You can dress this up or down, wear it to a wedding or a BBQ, It’s perf. The shoes I’m wearing are super comfy, and I put them to the test by wearing them walking around downtown Seattle all day and they did GREAT:)
I’m obsessing right now over these burnt orange hues, they are so beautiful to me and they just pop, even if it’s just in your makeup. I know it’s a very IN color for the summertime, but as you’ll see in a few posts coming I can’t stop buying things in the color! 
I want to talk about my purse though because I’m not quite sure if I’ve mentioned this or not. I’m obsessed with Marc By Marc Jacobs.. he’s probably my favorite designer ever. I Just adore his whole line of Marc By Marc purses and this is one of them.. That I just so happen to have found at the Rack.. I almost cried. I have a few of these purses and they are amazing, but heres the sad news. I was devastated that he was discontinuing such a well loved line and that day has happened. The only place to find these now is Nordstrom Rack and eBay.. Maybe Bloomingdales. But I just want to express my sadness of these bags being gone, because they will forever be my favorite and I’m sure a lot of others as well. Lol I’m totally being dramatic too, but for real… the love this girl has for his purses is real. 
One thing I’m going to add is that I have never paid full price for any of these purses because lets just face it I don’t just have $448 laying around. I’ve bought new off of Ebay and Like I said here the rack, sometimes on when Nordstrom did the Price matching as well. Trust me I found good deals. 😉

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