Instagram/Snapchat Roundup

I really wanted to share these photos with you all because theatre is a HUGE part of my life and I just finished being in The Little Mermaid Musical. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever been in. I don’t even know how to explain it but it was just such a wonderful experience and the people are all so amazing. When a show comes to an end it’s always sad and it just makes me wanna start it all over again or be in another show right away. I live for performing and putting smiles on peoples faces, it’s a great feeling. In some of these photos as you can see I was a mermaid, a seagull, starfish, swan, and princess. I encourage you to go out to your local theatre and audition for shows in your free time, if I could be on broadway I would in an instant. Who knows, maybe it could happen one day? Dream big right?? I also as you all know work for MAC 16 Hours a week and LOVE working for MAC, it’s a wonderful company and I’ve been with them for 2 years now and have learned so much it’s amazing, Doing makeup is huge passion of mine as well and I just love doing it all really. I have a ton of new outfits coming your way as I’ve been ordering online like crazy.. Thanks Nordstrom for having your sale.. YIKES!!! I hope you enjoyed all these photos as much as I do and some of the makeup ones as well! Let me know if you want to see more makeup on here!! I would love to do it more. The last photo’s outfit will be on the blog tomorrow:) 

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