Lululemon Is THE Best

I pretty much LIVE In Lululemon when I’m not working and it is literally the best for dancing since I’ve been doing that a ton lately! Dancing is my FAVE way to work out, I’m definitely not the stereotypical gym rat. I really need to try and get the motivation to go workout at the gym and you guys should too with me!! I definitely would rather work out dancing though, but that’s just me. To be honest whatever and however you like to workout I think that’s the best thing, as long as you’re getting active, theres no right way to workout for everybody. We all have different body types and finding what way to workout is best for YOU is totally worth it, because there’s so much to do!! I would highly recommend taking a dance class or something like Zumba or body pump! All amazing ways to workout! These Nike’s are actually the Free Run Distance Nike’s but they are literally the COMFIEST Nike’s I’ve ever bough for some reason, they literally weigh nothing and form to your feet so well… They’re also great to dance in! Hah! 

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