Personal Style

SHIRT: Old (Similar) JEANS: Topshop SHOES: Target SCARF: American Eagle 
I think you guys can tell how much I’m loving this whole western trend right now. I’m all about it and you guys should be too! I kind of want to talk about personal style today because i’ve come to realize that I don’t have one set style… I literally LOVE everything. In the fall I feel like my outfits become very preppy and classic. Whereas in the summer I’m very boho/chic. I feel like you don’t need to have one set style though and that’s where most people go wrong because they think they can only fit or conform to one thing or trend that looks on them, But there’s so much out there and I think you, yes you reading this should step out of your comfort zone and go try on a totally different outfit. You could find something that you might really love and be like WOW! I encourage you to takes leaps with your personal style and fashion, let it tell a story! If you like one certain trend though that’s awesome too! I’m definitely a comfort zone person and it took a lot for me to step out of my comfort zones and say YES more even with such a simple thing as fashion. I love fashion so much and I love getting to share it all with you! Make your outfit tell a story and leave me photos of your outfit story, would LOVE to see them!:) 

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