Monday Relaxation

 SPORTS BRA: VS Sport PANTS: Lululemon (Similar) SHOES: Nike
Hey guys, How was your weekend?? Relaxing, busy? 
Mine was crazy busy as well as my Monday has been, which is great honestly. I love being busy but sometimes you just need to take an hour or two and just relax and let your brain unwind. There are of course many ways that I love to do that. One is stretching all my muscles out, another is actually dancing, that may not be relaxing to some of you but It makes my body feel so great and refreshed! 
And as a lot of you I’m sure another way I love to relax is to be online shopping on my computer while watching Harry Potter or catching up on Youtube videos. Going into this week, make sure you make time each day to unwind and just relax, it makes your week go so much better. 
I just recently bought this sports bra at VS and it was on sale which was AWESOME!!! They have it in so many colors and I’m obsessed. As well as these pants again, you guys.. these pants are LIFE! I’m sorry that they aren’t on Lulu anymore but I’m sure they will put them back on.. I hope!!! I couldn’t find my black high waisted ones, so I opted for these.. which are my FAVE!:) 
I have some very exciting things in the works for this fall, I can’t say anything yet but I promise when everything is set in stone you guys will know too, I’ve been very busy working towards this awesome thing!!!! Stay tuned…

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