We All Can

DRESS: American Eagle (Denim was in store) BOOTS: Nordstrom Rack CHOKER: American Eagle  HAT: American Eagle
I absolutely LOVE American Eagle’s new campaign, called #WeAllCan. Although I’m not wearing any pieces from the collection, I still wanted to talk about it since it is still from there. 
Their campaign Moto
“Be anything. Do anything. Love anyone. Fall down. Play nice. Talk Dirty. Make Peace. Stay True. Fear Nothing. Forge Ahead. And just Be ourselves.” 
This is so important In our world today and If anything you take away from what I post, let it be this. 
We learn more and more about ourselves all the time and we continue to grow and change. I’ve learned so much this year and grown. I’ve learned that it’s VERY important to stand up for yourself and don’t let ANYONE belittle your opinions because they think their way is the only way. Have a backbone and charge your way through your own life, do what’s right for you, don’t let someone tell you have to live your life. If doing something YOU love makes YOU happy, Do it. If taking that big step do further your career scares the crap out of you, do it. If furthering your education at a way far away college is what YOU want, DO IT. Or if moving across the country to experience a whole new lifestyle and career is what YOU want to do, DO IT! 
At the end of the day we’re all here to have nothing but an amazing life and do amazing things, so why not do what makes you happy because #WEALLCAN 

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