Rocker Chic

SHIRT: Express JACKET: Topshop JEANS: Topshop BOOTS: Aldo
Hello everyone, I bring a very casual outfit today. When Im at home just chilling out I love wearing shirts like this versus Victorias Secret Pink loungewear lol although I do have those days too. I just love these kinds of shirts because they’re so comfy and if you need to run out the door real quick you’re kind of put together! I paired this shirt with some over the knee boots and a choker to give it a rocker chic vibe. 
On that note with being “Rocker Chic” I’ve dove into my old iTunes library and found so much old music that I played the crap out of and it made me fall in love with all these old tunes I use to listen to  all over again. It’s crazy how much a song can bring back so many memories, Like you listen to a song so much during a time in your life and then when you listen to it years later… you’re like wow and just feel nostalgic, I love music for that reason but it’s also made me start singing WAY more, I’ve been so busy and haven’t had much time to and now I’m making time for it because it makes me so happy!! My poor guitar too has been so neglected and picking it up again just feels so great. Always make time for the things you love to do, they’re important. Plus that’s actually one way that I like to relax is to sing and play guitar. Tune back in tomorrow for another great fall look! 

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