Roxie Rocks Chicago

I went in to the store to get a vampire costume because I had a really good idea for makeup… and left with this costume! It was just calling me. As many of you know, I LOVE Chicago, is an understatement. The musical gives me LIFE! I honestly wish I could have lived through the 20’s despite everything bad that happened then, I love and adore all the hair, makeup and fashion. The history back then really intrigues me as well. Most of what we see today in Fashion stems from the 20’s and it’s really fascinating. I really don’t like going as anything scary on Halloween, makeup as well, it literally creeps me out.. Lol! Anyways I’m here just watching Hocus Pocus and sipping on tea, Perfect October evening. 
The Costume is really very simple, I bought everything from the halloween store and this fur cape I actually had in my wardrobe, made for the perfect ‘Stole’
As far as makeup, everything I used is MAC Of course, You always have to make sure you get that deep deep smokey eye going on, they really brought the black color high above their crease back then. They had VERY accentuated brows, but I didn’t go that crazy. They had very intense and pointed cupids bow. Skip out on the bronzer( I just had some on from earlier in the day) and Instead LOTS of blush. 
I adore this costume and I hope you enjoyed this super fun post. I’ll try and post my makeup looks from this weekend for work!:)

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