Happy Halloween


Here are my Halloween looks from work this weekend. 
The first was a Nutcracker, we had a theme day this day because of our Holiday collection called Nutcracker sweet, LOVED this one. Also you guys need to check out this collection, all of the sets are so amazing and beautiful this year. Very amazing deals for your money as well, you do not want to miss out! 
The next pictures we were just fairies this day, I would have done more but ran out of time this day, so you can’t go wrong with just throwing glitter everywhere. This glitter is from one of our holiday pigment sets as well;)
My next photo was from today and I was a “Dead Flapper” I actually felt really cute in this get up today, Haha What I did to create this was I just mixed a way too light for me foundation(Matchmaster 1.0) and MAC Strobe Cream and it gave a SUPER white cast then set it with studio translucent face powder! I just mixed a bunch of black red and brown shadows together and made my eyes look bruised and dead looking, super easy to achieve and throw a dark lip (MAC Liptensity Stallion) and you’re a dead Flapper! 
Last set of pictures I was a Sugar Plum Fairy. I basically did everything pink and glittery, all down my neck I put pink glitter. I wore a bodysuit and a black tulle skirt and we all wore wings this day:) 

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