Fall Color Wheel

SWEATER: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: Vince Camuto (Similar) SUNGLASSES: Ditto
I think Fall colors are my favorite colors to wear. They are just so rich and inviting. I’ve been loving wearing this rusty color with burgundy. I know most people would be scared to wear the two combo together but honestly they work really well together and they really make one another pop! Pairing these rich dark brown boots with the two colors just tie everything together. There are so many great rust colored pieces this year it’s just so hard not to buy them all. 
I feel like this fall I’ve really had so much fun putting outfits together because I haven’t stuck to one thing and/or Trend which I have talked about before in a previous post, But it really makes putting pieces together so much fun, because there’s no boundaries, I’ve bought some very out there pieces too that I would have never bought had I not broken the idea of sticking to one style/trend. I’m so excited to share even more with you all. This outfit was definitely on the more casual side today, but I hope you enjoy:)
ALSO This super cool website called ‘Ditto’ Is the coolest place to rent sunglasses for only $24 a month. You can swap them out ANYTIME you want to and wear them as long as you want. There are amazing designer sunglasses and prescription glasses on there which is so cool, go sign up today!:)

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