All Black Everything

TOP: Express PANTS: Express
Hello lovelies. I bring to you today an all black outfit, now working at MAC more than half my closet is all black and I wanted to incorporate more of it here on my blog and show you how to style and all black outfit, because I do sometimes find my ownself in a rut putting outfits together. Having to wear it the last three years to work though really made me test my fashion knowledge and think outside of the box, there are so many fun things to do with black pieces and it has really made me step outside of the box. I highly encourage getting maybe three staple black pieces for your closet that are more focal points because with those pieces there is a world of options. 
Back in the day I would have never chosen to purchase these pants let alone actually wear them, But I’m SO glad that I did. These are so flattering and so comfortable for those long working days. Can be casual and you can dress them up and make them a little more edgy like I did here. I have so much more to show you with styling black clothes, this is just the beginning. For the longest time I wanted to NEVER wear all black on my blog since that’s my time to wear everything else that’s not black but honestly, It’s about time I do it. Thank you all for reading, stay tuned this week is FULL OF FASHION:) 

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