Snow Day

JACKET: American Eagle DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Express (Similar)
Hello everyone, Sorry as I’ve been away for a bit, I’ve had multiple technical difficulties and it’s really difficult and freezing to take photos outside right now, as it’s like 14 degrees. The other day I took a ton of photos of outfits and went to upload to my computer and my memory card literally broke in half, I guess there is a way to get the photos and everything off of there but I went to best buy to do so and they said it was going to cost a pretty penny.. i.e…. $700… I about fell over. There is so much on the memory card but, yikes… If any of you have any ideas on how to retrieve everything off without costing me my life, lol that would be wonderful! 
Anyways onto this outfit, I love layering in the winter. There is so much you can do with it and it really adds to an outfit when it’s freezing outside. 
This dress comes in a variety of different colors and is the most comfy and cute dress for winter! The fabric is made out of American Eagle’s ‘soft and sexy’ fabric which really is so nice!! I’ve been putting my snow boots in my car just in case, because we have so far a ton of snow as you can see:)
It’s hard to wear any kind of nice shoe in this weather even though it might go great with your outfit, walking out in this is so dangerous and snow boots are a must here I am not in snow boots but I just threw these on cause I thought they went great with this outfit. 
AHHH AND It’s almost Christmas!!! I actually have all of my Christmas shopping done though, which never happens. I can’t wait to put up some really great Christmas outfits for you all, I have some amazing pieces to show you for great prices! 
*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with American Eagle 

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