New York Vibes

SWEATER: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle SHOES: Nordstrom Rack PURSE: Nordstrom JACKET: Old (similar)
Hello Everyone! This week has been very dull, dry and grey. I guess that’s January for ya! It’s definitely making me dream of palm trees and warm sand! Hopefully it’s nice weather where you are reading this from. I’m giving major city vibes in todays outfit, which is not what I should be wearing considering the snow on the ground. These jeans are literally so comfortable, they’re from American Eagle and they feel like leggings! I don’t really every wear light wash jeans, I think this is honestly my first pair, Love the rips in them and they go perfectly with this white sweater. This coat is old and it’s actually my moms but I’m going to try and find something similar! 
I’ve been running a lot slower than I should be lately though and I want to let you guys in on what’s been going on. I’ve had this constant breathing issue for about a year and a half now, mostly shortness of breath all the time and it’s been disabling me from doing a lot of things. Yes, I’ve been to the doctor for it quite a few times now and tons of bills later, still no answers. It’s honestly prevented me from going back to the doctor because they haven’t been listening. I figured out that the problem stemmed from this shot(Depo Provera) BC I was on for 6 years which I will talk about another day, but since coming off it can take quite a long time for it to completely leave your system leaving your body with all the problems it created while on it or even new things while coming off. I will make a separate post about the whole experience because I feel like a lot of women should know and it’s not talked about enough, it’s like taboo it being discussed. In doing my research I found lots of women having the same problems I was and am, that never got any help from doctors. 
So that’s really been my life lately besides working 16 hours a week, it’s hard to do much when you can’t breathe well or feel weak from not being able to breathe well. I have been singing a lot more though and picked up my guitar again which makes me so happy, I recently got inspired from watching the show “Nashville” Which I am HOOKED on, it is so good and I’m on season 3 now, so I’m catching up, No spoilers!!!! 
Sorry for the lengthy post but I would like to share more about my life with you all:) 
Thanks you for reading!!

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