Band Shirts and Printed Skirts

Hello everyone. I’m loving this vibe lately, Pairing unexpected pieces together, It totally works! 
I know that Band Tees are SUPER in right now, and I’ve actually gotten a lot of questions about wearing them and not listening to the actual band. As you all know I’m a HUGE Music lover of all kinds, I grew up in a very musical environment. I will only wear band tees that I do listen to and have actually loved the band “The Doors” for quite some time. I just wanted to address that because it seems to be a topic on a lot of peoples pictures that wear band tees. Moving on…
I loved pairing this skirt with the top and leather jacket, rather than pairing it with casual jeans because it dresses up a rather casual outfit, It’s right in the middle of being casual and dressy, which as you all know I Love!!
Again I have literally been wearing this hat every day you guys, you all need one it’s the perfect hat and literally goes with everything. 
As for these shoes, I will not recommend them at all, I bought them from Dolce Vita and they had ties around the top to keep them tightened and for them to stay up, but the first day I wore them the ties kept coming un-done and then they finally started ripping, they ripped completely to where I couldn’t even tie them so I had to cut them off and can barely wear them anymore unless I find some elastic and string it through there. They were also $180, save your money and buy a different pair, I normally love Dolce Vita shoes too, but these ones missed the mark, they’d be super comfortable other wise. 
I hope you all have a great start to your week!!
*This post is in collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle 

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