Fringe and Flares

TOP:American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle JACKET: Forever 21 SUNGLASSES: American Eagle CHOKER: American Eagle 
Hello everyone!!! I hope your week has treated you well and that you all have a great weekend! I’m feeling super 70’s vibes with this outfit today, and I’m loving it. I’ve been really inspired by the 70’s lately, but love making a more modern twist on it. Different things inspire me all the time for my outfits and makeup and it’s so much fun when I find something new that gives me inspiration. I think I said in a couple posts back that I watched all of the Seasons of Nashville, which were amazing and it really gave me a whole new perspective on country music, which I actually never really cared for until now. You guys need to watch this show, I kid you not it is SO Amazing and inspiring if you’re a musician!
These jeans are super amazing though, I haven’t worn bootcut jeans since my freshman year of high school, CRAZY RIGHT? But honestly these are so versatile, I love dressing a pair of jeans like these up and there’s so much you can do. I honestly can just feel the 70’s fashion making a return and I’m so hoping because we’re seeing tons of fringe, embroidery, flares, everything is becoming more loose and billowy, LOVE! I hope you all enjoyed this outfit, stay tuned for lots more… and more 70’s styles. You guys don’t understand how inspired I am. GET READY!!!! 
*This post is in collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters 

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