We All Start As Strangers

SHIRT: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle SHOES: Target GUITAR: Ted Brown Music HAT: American Eagle 
There’s been a lot of music on my mind lately, It’s been a constant presence now more than ever and I am LOVING it. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was in 6th grade, I first learned on a classical guitar, which if ya’ll know anything about… If you have tiny hands like I do they are a little bit trickier to play than a typical acoustic. That guitar was bigger than I was and I loved it. I then moved on to a Seagull Acoustic guitar which my dad bought for me from the most amazing music store in Vancouver B.C. That guitar has been through a lot with me and I’ve carried it through the airport and onto a plane more times than I can count. The first song I learned on that guitar was “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” By KT Tunstall, one of my fave songs to this day. I stopped playing for a good year to work and focus on a few other things but picked it back up again in November, and boy am I glad I did. This guitar is my new baby, I went to a music store on Monday with no intentions to buy anything and saw this one, it was on a steal of a sale and thought about it, then went back immediately on Tuesday to pick it up. It’s called a Fender Resonator FR50. The way this guitar sings is just so beautiful and different than anything I’ve played and I love it and am SO beyond inspired to really throw myself into music. 
Through the ups and downs of life it’s made me appreciate the art of music and everything that goes into it, the entire process. It is really so beautiful. Whether it be a Musical, Play, Song or even a TV Show. 
If you take one thing away from reading my blog, I would want that to be to inspire you. I want to inspire young people, people my age that If you love something, with all your heart.. Don’t let it go. Be inspired and go out and chase your dreams. Don’t listen to what people tell you to do because they think that’s what’s best for you. Do what’s in your heart because it’s what YOU want to do, you won’t be sorry. 
I’m working on something very different and cool for you guys, hopefully will be able to fully share it all soon:)

*This post is In collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle

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