Add A Little Flare In your step

JEANS: American Eagle BODYSUIT: Express JACKET: Hollister BELT: Forever 21 
I’ve had major technical difficulties and this post was suppose to go up a couple days ago and never posted!!! I apologize 
Anywho, I’m in love with wearing these bootcut jeans, I haven’t worn them like I said in my last post since like freshman year of high school! Crazy!!! These just add something totally different then the casual skinny jeans. Pairing them with this low cut bodysuit just make it work extremely well. Whenever I have something more flowy on the bottom, I have to have something fitted on the top and Vice;Versa. On a cloudy day like this day this jacket definitely comes in handy, It’s like a little fuzzy blanket, But beware this thing sheds like no other if you’re wearing black. I was not aware and was covered in white fur.. lol But other than that it’s such a cute staple to have in your closet just maybe wash it before you wear it! 
I have two belts like this one from express and this one from Forever 21 and they are such perfect dupes for the B-Low the Belt one. I love that you can take an otherwise casual outfit and dress it up with a belt like this. 
COACHELLA Is coming up you guys and I want to hear what you guys want to see style wise from me, I won’t be going, BUT I super wish I was!!! I have some amazing festival wear to rock for you all, but if there’s anything in particular you want to see from me, let me know.. I’d love to rock it for ya’ll! 
*This post is sponsored and In Collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters. 

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