Stripes On a Sunny Day

 DRESS: Abercrombie SHOES: Nordstrom (Similar) HAT: Abercrombie (Similar)  PURSE: Nordstrom 
Today is was a whopping 65 Degrees!! It’s finally Spring and all the snow has melted! YAY! 
I’m getting all my springy dresses out and am so excited to wear them, it felt wonderful today. Lots going on in life these past two weeks that’s for sure. I have so many exciting things that might be happening sooner than later and I couldn’t be both more scare and ecstatic. I feel like everyone has a time in their 20’s where they have a minor freak out and want to change everything and figure out what to do for the rest of your life. Well needless to say I’ve needed a few changes for a while and they are all coming full circle. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. As I embark a new journey, I can’t wait to take you all along with me. 
Also been loving Abercrombie’s latest collection, I picked this dress up last time I was there and it’s the perfect springy/vacation dress. The best thing about it, is that it has pockets! You could honestly pair this dress with any shoe and it would look super cute! These babies are my fave peep toe booties, I wore these SOOOO much last year and their surprisingly comfy. Another way I would style this dress would be to pair it with a cute pair of brown booties or boots, a brown bag and a sweater over top. Super cute!! 
Have a wonderful weekend all:) 

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