The best Over the knee boots

JACKET: Stitch Fix JEANS: Topshop BOOTS: Nakd Fashion SHIRT: Express (Similar)
Exciting things happening this coming week, Taking a  spontaneous trip to Arizona and I’m totally taking ya’ll along. I’ll only be there for like two days but it’s gonna be a heck of a lot warmer then here in Washington! 
Can we just appreciate how amazing these boots are?! They are literally and exact dupe for the Stuart Weitzman ones, EXACT!! They are so comfy and one thing that I  always look for in boots like these is if they fall down while you’re walking or not. These do not, which is amazing because their price was equally as amazing. They also come in different colors like black and tan, these are the grey! 
One of my favorite pairs of pants are these white ones from Topshop. I love Topshop Jeans but you have to be careful how often you wash them because for how expensive they are they don’t hold up through many washes. Even though most of them are SUPER stretchy and comfortable they turn into leggings after the wash and have a tendency to shrink, but despite that these white ones are the bomb diggity. If you guys haven’t heard of Stitch fix by now, you need to check it out. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time shopping and/or it’s hard for you to find stuff you like or it just stresses you out, This is the perfect fix! It’s a monthly subscription but you can choose anytime you’d like a new one really, it’s awesome! You pay a fee of $25 and take a style quiz so your stylist knows what you and then you get a little surprise in the mail and choose to keep certain things or not. It’s wonderful, that’s where this jacket is from and I just LOVE The details. I have way too many green jackets but this one takes the cake with the beaded details on it. 
I hope you all enjoy this outfit, lots more to come:) 

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