Bomber Jackets In spring

 JACKET: American Eagle JEANS: Topshop BODYSUIT: American Eagle HEELS: Nordstrom 
Re-discovering your passion for something in life is so awakening and uplifting. I realize I seem to talk about Passions in life a lot, but I also feel as though not enough people do. That’s life, living life is having passion and a drive to do the things you love and it’s sad when people don’t but sometimes I think it’s because they haven’t let themselves fall in love with something enough to have a passion for it or doubting it. These past couple weeks music has literally been living through me, My mind is at it’s most creative and it’s honestly never felt so good. I’ve been dancing more than ever and choreographing dances to mostly Sia songs and some Coldplay. I LIVE for dancing, It runs through my veins. My mom use to be a Prima Ballerina and now as I’m getting older I can fully appreciate and get to know her passion for it because it lives in me too. Something I want to see more people in life do is let your self loose to the music. Live, feel and breathe it. I promise you all your worries and all your fears will soon drift away once you find that passion in life. 
I’m sitting here typing this but also thinking that In not even less than a month I can 100% say my whole life has been forever changed. I’m not really good with change and I think that’s where a lot of anxieties lie is getting use to new things and being okay with it. I can’t exactly say what’s happening yet, but within a couple days I will be able to share ALL! I’m in Arizona right now and I’ve never been more excited for what’s to come. This state is absolutely beautiful, I love Washington with all my heart but I need a big change. The only way to overcoming your fears is to face them head on and with all your heart. I apologize if I tend to ramble on but I love to express my mind. I hope you all enjoy and I’ll see you guys soon. 
I also just spilled my coffee all over myself typing this… Oops… 

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