Camo and Vintage High Rise

Super casual today, the sun is finally out and it’s warm enough here to be in a tank top!! So loving it. I just got back from Arizona last week and what a world wind it’s been since I left. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one week! I will soon be able to tell you all, I promise!!!! 
I’ve also never worn Camo before and I love this tank top, It’s going to go with so much when it’s hotter outside, I can’t wait. Also same with these jeans, they aren’t totally skinny but aren’t baggy either, It’s like the perfect happy medium. I think pairing camo with brown accents looks so good together, which I’ve got the shoes and the purse, so cute for spring. 
I hope you all are ready for my Coachella looks, I’m working on a ton for you all. Although I’m not going and SO WISH I was but it’s super fun to just put stuff together.. If you guys have any ideas or outfit pairings you’d like to see totally let me know:) 
Not a whole lot to say today, But I hope you enjoy this outfit:)

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