Western Meest Ballerina Chic

TOP: Anthropologie SKIRT: Anthropologie SHOES: Nordstrom BELT: Target 
How’s everyone’s week going so far on this lovely Wednesday?! 
I’ve been so crazy busy trying to keep up with everything before leaving and moving to Arizona next weekend. There’s so much to do before moving, it’s insane!!! 
Today I fell in love with this beautiful skirt from Anthropologie! I was in their store on my birthday and it was on a mannequin… so beautiful, the pictures don’t do it justice, trust me!!! ALSO if purchasing this skirt, it runs HUGE. This is an XXS on me and I’m a 25W in most pants and it still needs to be taken in on the waist, which is why I paired it with this belt… I think it actually completes the whole entire outfit. LOVING these belts, I honestly pair them with every outfit I’ve been wearing, so I apologize for wearing them so much, but let’s be honest, they’re so in right now so it’s okay! 
I want to be very open with you all on here and talk about life a lot more as I’ve said in one of my previous posts. I feel like I’m a lot better writer than I am a speaker. So here goes it. 
I never want you all reading to think that my life is perfect by the pictures I post, because I promise you it’s not. This goes for real life too…Just because I’m always smiling or seeming to be in a good mood, isn’t always the case. Somedays I am just so excited for life and happy but others I’m anxious and let me tell you it’s so dang annoying. It all started with my breathing issue that I’ve still been having that no Doctor has quite figured out yet. It sucks. I don’t even know how to explain it anymore, but it takes A LOT of energy out of me and it literally brings anxiety not being able to breathe in certain situations. What I’ve experienced going to the doctor over and over and over again and not finding the root of the problem is really tiring and wanting to find the problem and being able to be pro active about it is all I’ve been wanting for a good year and a half now. So if you ever see me and I don’t seem 100% that’s most likely the reason, because I’m generally a very happy person, but not being able to breathe just takes a toll on everything, let me tell you. 
I hope this can maybe make some of you not feel so alone, or that not everything is always what it seems it looks from the outside looking in. 
If Ya’ll want me to go more in depth about this I totally will, but that’s just the gist of what’s going on for now. 

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