DRESS: Free People NECKLACE: Free People SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell
Let’s talk music!!! I’ve been downloading so much new and old music and it’s really inspiring me! First off lets talk about Miley Cyrus… I grew up with her and still LOVE her, she’s such an inspiring person and I’ve always loved her music, I want you all if you haven’t go watch her backyard sessions on youtube, specifically “Lilac Wine” they’re so beautiful and really shows who she is as an artist today even after releasing “Malibu” also loving that too! I love how much of a free spirit she is and she’s really not afraid to speak her mind. Also don’t think this is the new Miley, This is who she’s always been and I love her. 
Next up… Harry Styles.. WHAT DUDE. This album is killer. Now, I’m not a huge One Direction fan… But Harry just set the bar HIGH! This album gives me super oldies vibes like Bowie and I love it. It may give off Bowie vibes but it’s so unique an unlike anything on the radio today. I’m sure he feels unstoppable now because dude you’re killing it. 
So, Pearl Jam. I mean it’s been said how amazing they are. I’ve been listening to all their stuff lately and it’s just giving me such good vibes, they will never not be good… I only wish I could see them live ASAP but they aren’t touring… sadly. 
OKAY PEOPLE. JON BELLION. I’ve been listening to him for quite some time now and his songs give me so much inspiration and they just make me wanna get shit done. Creatively, Jon is a genius. I want you all to go watch his “The making of…” videos because you will see a real artist in his creative process at work and creating just utter bliss. Jon, has worked SO hard to get where he is today and he literally has done it all himself and I can’t praise that enough. I saw him live back in November and hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to, well besides Paul McCartney, but I mean seriously. I can’t explain it enough how amazing he is. But he is. 
SIA. You guys Sia gets me through ANYTHING. Her music has gotten me through some of the toughest days and I can’t thank her enough. Her music is probably my FAVORITE to create contemporary dances to because well she’s Sia. My Favorite one currently is “The Greatest” but also love dancing to “Unstoppable” That song literally makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. 
Isn’t it crazy how much music can change our lives? 
Honestly I don’t know what I would do without it. Music gives me life, Music literally is my life. 
I want to hear some of your guys’ favorites, Please I’m open to any type of music. Bring it on!!! 

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