Pin up vibes

SHIRT: American Eagle SKIRT: American Eagle NECKLACE: Free People 
Hello everyone! I’m still in a hotel room till I can move into my apartment in June!! Crazy, but it’s so nice here and I’m starting to really get the feel for the place. My mom and step dad left last week so I’m officially on my own!!! It’s literally so crazy and different, I feel weird but it’s a good weird. I feel accomplished and I’m so excited for what’s to come in this new place with new opportunities. I’ve done a lot of new adventuring this past week and figuring out what’s where and all the little food places here are SO great. We have nothing near this back home. I’ve also signed up for some dance classes which have been kicking my butt and going to the gym and I feel great! I have something super exciting coming up that I cannot wait to share with you all but I can’t just quite yet. 
This outfit was something super different from the usual, but am loving it!! I haven’t worn a denim skirt in forever and this one is seriously comfortable!! I love pairing it with this tank because it gives it a little bit of a ‘pin up’ vibe also matching with my sneakers!! 
I’ve been playing so much guitar recently and I’m loving it. As cheesy as it sounds it’s literally been my best friend in this hotel room and I’ve learned a ton of new songs. It’s been so great just playing all the time again. 
I’ll be back with tons more outfits this week, found an awesome photographer so we’ll get things moving!:) yay!!!
*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with American Eagle

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