Red White and Denim



Hey Guys! It’s almost the 4th of July!!! I love this holiday mainly because my whole family usually gets together and has a big ole’ BBQ… Which includes lots of super awesome food, pool time, lots of laughs ( My family is hilarious when we all get together)  I mean seriously should have our own reality show… haha jk jk since I lived In the country back home we got to shoot off tons of awesome fireworks and it was just a blast.

I like to keep it pretty casual on the 4th just because it’s always really hot and you want to be comfy while hanging out at a BBQ but still very fashionable. This outfit I have paired here SO quick and easy and I’m obsessed with this overall romper, now you can throw this on with just about any top and be good to go I am showing you two different ones today and the white body suit just works so well because it makes the outfit like I said very casual but still cute and pairing your 4th of July attire like a neck scarf, red lips and some cute earrings(Mine have stars on them) and you’re good to go, I know you can’t see the full outfit… I’m still looking for a photographer! But Some white sneakers would be just perfect!

Again we have the denim overalls, but this top dresses up the look a little bit more and I just love it, while still being holiday inspired and red you can pair some cute lil’ booties with this one and be good to go as well as a red lip and a hat!


I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!!!!



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