Lets talk about Candles!!!



Everyone always talks about Bath and Bodyworks candles and raves about how amazing they are, and yes they smell super amazing but for people like me who have breathing and asthmatic issues… They make me super wheezy. Not to mention, since those candles are mass produced they are probably not the healthiest to be breathing it.

If you’ve burned those candles for quite a while they actually can leave a waxy residue on your walls, which is super NOT good. So, I stray from buying those types of candles and only can stick to certain ones, like ones that are made with Soy or handmade candles… even candles from Target, I can’t do.

This adorable shop called “Maganda Treasures” on Etsy actually contacted me and wanted to send me a candle! All of their candles are handmade and made with soy, I JUMPED At that of course! They are all super affordable as well, which is a super plus!!!

Go check them out and purchase some amazing scented candles!!!

Here I have burning the Raspberry Sangria… Also only burned this for 2 hours and it’s the next day and my apartment still smells amazing!!!

Go Purchase them now:)

Maganda TreasuresĀ 


*This post was in collaboration with “Maganda Treasures” thank you so much


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