A Sweet Little Paradise in Puerto Peñasco


To start off this post I would like to say a HUGE thank you to “OH Advertising” For inviting us on this wonderful trip. This was my first Travel Collab and I loved everyminute of it. I forgot how much I love traveling and it gave me a severe case of wanderlust.

We travelled to Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco in Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico before and this little hidden beach was beautiful. It’s about a 3 short hour drive from Arizona, so it was the perfect little getaway. We were there for 3 days and it was jam packed full of activities. Getting to see the culture in Mexico was probably one of my favorite parts. You always see and hear on the news about of course Mexican cities and the poverty surrounding the area, but actually seeing it was eye opening and it really helps make you aware of the fact that it’s not all bad either. I want to explore many more areas now and really get submerged in the culture.

We drove in last Friday and had a wonderfully yummy lunch at the “La Casa Del Capitan Restaurant” This restaurant was beautiful. It overlooked the ocean and almost reminded me somewhat of a restaurant you would see in Greece. The decor was beautiful and the colors of course were also beautiful. The food of course the best part… I LOVE Mexican food and the guacamole and Ceviche was my favorite part, It was incredible.

There are many different resorts in the area of Rocky Point and we all got to stay at different ones so we could all get different experiences and our resort was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed the “Sonoran Sea Resort” to which our room overlooked the ocean, beach and the pool. This was an absolute paradise and I would have loved to stay even longer. Our room was beautiful too, all the decor made it really feel like Mexico it was perfect. The balcony was the perfect spot to sit out and have coffee and breakfast and look over the beautiful view. I can’t say enough good things about this resort. It also had a cute little coffee shop and restaurant that served BOMB food!

Boy I haven’t ridden on ATV/Four Wheelers in what feels like forever. I grew up on a farm in the country as most of you know and we use to drive four wheelers ALL the time. This time we got to ride ATVs in the sand dunes which was literally a blast. It was hilarious and SO much fun. We were driving them right around sunset too it was beautiful. Would have never known this was something they do all the time here and it was rad.

That night we had an amazing dinner at “Hotel Penasco Del Sol”. We also got an awesome tour of the hotel before dinner and these hotels are quite the paradise. Our dinner was a three course dinner that started out with an “Asparagus Soup” that was really good, something I wouldn’t typically try but it was bomb. Then moved into Garlic Potatoes and Steak that was even better… I don’t normally eat steak but this was so good. For Desert we had a Chocolate Chili Lava Cake!! Can you imagine that, it was to die for. You don’t taste the chili’s until after the fact it was crazy.

On Saturday we got up way too early to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride but unfortunately couldn’t ride them because it was too windy. I would definitely love to back and experience this despite my fears of heights.. I was totally ready to conquer the air balloon. We ended up going to this huge golf course, that if you’re a golfer would have loved, it was beautiful and it also overlooked the ocean. For lunch we went to this super luxury hotel that they are still in the process of expanding. The restaurant was called “Mayan Palace” here we had numerous different pizza’s and salad. A couple of the Pizza’s were spicy but it was sooooo good. In the evening we had dinner at the “El Tapeo Wine Bar” We had so many different dishes here.. probably my favorite place it was so good. It was such a cute little place too and especially in the summer time they had an outdoor section that would be so fun to just go dancing in.

All in all this trip was such a great little escape. My mission this year is definitely to travel more. I feel so inspired coming back home and for the first time in a while I felt like I was living in the moment. Most days we are always thinking about the future and planning this or planning that. When the time passes so fast by doing that then you’re sat wondering where the time has gone and what were you even planning for anyways because life happens and you can’t really plan for experiences. You have to out there, live in the moment and experience it first hand. Life becomes so much less stressful when you aren’t worrying about it and just living it. I hope this inspires all of you to travel and live life and not worry about anything. GO OUT THERE AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS.




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