What’s up guys,

The last few weeks have been so crazy and intense for me, you could say I’m overwhelmed. I guess it’s only natural though being 22 almost 23 and trying to figure your life out and trying to accomplish all of your goals and dreams, but yet wanting to be where you see yourself in the future, right now. I’ve talked about this a few blog posts ago, about how we live in a culture where we get instant gratification for almost anything and that in itself can overwhelm us, trying to grow up too fast and juggle everything… calling it essentially the ‘burnout’ era.. Where being tired isn’t cool and running yourself into the ground trying to ‘hustle’ is the new way to live basically. We also have to compete with the fact that everyone elses’ lives look completely perfect which in turn makes us overwhelmed because we think we aren’t doing enough and again forcing the pressure to make everything in your life perfect in an instant will eventually run you into the ground.

We forget to breathe, we forget to stop and think, we forget that life doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye.. (it can) but we forget to live. To live in the moment. We get so caught up in what the rest of the world is doing that we forget to live in the right now. We forget that it’s okay to not have your entire life figured out and it’s okay if there have been bumps in the road. Life will throw you curveballs. I’m very blessed and thankful to have been given what I have in life and I am very fortunate to have an amazing support system. Which is so important and me being the stubborn Aries that I am I forget that it’s okay to ask for help and that I can’t do everything. It’s okay to be vulnerable.. something that I’m learning and it’s very hard for me sometimes to admit when I’m sad or unhappy or overwhelmed. For some reason there has become this overwhelming pressure to be like everyone else where everyone does the same thing… Regarding the blog/photography atmosphere…. Where I’m trying to make ends meet. I love my blog and what it’s become and my favorite part about it, is getting real with you guys. I love writing and this to me is the part that matters the most, and that’s what a lot of us bloggers are forgetting… amongst the amazing brand deals that come a long with it and always wanting to know where each clothing item is from, and sponsorships… ect. Believe me I’m SO thankful for that, but this is where it all started. Being able to speak your mind and share your thoughts with the world and hopefully inspiring and motivating individuals like yourself reading this.

None of us are alone in this thing we call life, though it may feel like it sometimes. You’re never alone. Whether you’re moving to a new city, starting a new job, traveling the world, performing on stage for the first time… There’s someone out there doing just the same thing and you’re not alone. If you feel stressed or anxiety ridden with being overwhelmed, I’m right there with you, but it’s because we care. We wouldn’t be overwhelmed if we didn’t care or love the things that are causing it. In all of this I’ve been overwhelmed because I’m almost at the tale end of recording my album and finishing it and I’ve found parts of myself I didn’t know existed, I’ve pushed myself and am still pushing myself because I want to better myself and learn all that I can right now. The songs I’ve written in the last couple weeks have literally made me SO emotional and that is what it’s all about.I’ve been ecstatic, I’ve been sad, I’ve been happy, and mad… ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Overwhelmed in joy with finishing a song that has taken more than a year, overwhelmed in joy diving into new areas of music that I didn’t even know for myself. Literally, putting my heart on the line and throwing it all out there into the world. These songs mean the world to me and I can’t express it enough and can’t wait to share.


Don’t be to hard on yourself, I’m trying not to be. It’s hard but again trust the process and stay true to yourself.

I’ll be sharing so much more of the album in the next couple weeks, I can’t wait to bring you guys on this journey because it’s been a while and I haven’t hardly said anything about it. Stay posted on Instagram.

“I am learning everyday to let the space between where I am, and where I want to be inspire me and not terrify me.”





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